Big League Shirts Sample Policy

When ordering products through BIG LEAGUE SHIRTS, you may want to first order samples to make sure every item of clothing fits your team just right. Welcome to the BIG LEAGUE SAMPLES PROGRAM.

When ordering samples through BIG LEAGUE, you can order up to 3 DIFFERENT sizes of EACH item you are ordering at HALF PRICE (meaning 3 jerseys, 3 pants, 3 hoodies, etc). Use the BIG LEAGUE size chart to order up to 3 DIFFERENT sizes for 3 players on your team. Order the samples just like you would your regular order, complete with their custom name/numbers on them, and then size the rest of your team based on these samples. Keep in mind, there is still a 3-4 week turnaround time, even on samples.

Now IF the sample items FIT your players, then you can keep those products and pay the remaining half for each item with the final bill. IF any sample does NOT fit, then you can replace it for HALF OFF, when you send in the rest of your order. It is important to remember that, either way, you will be paying the same price for each item.