Design Your Own Custom Hockey Uniform with Big League Shirts

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As any hockey player knows, having uniforms that represent your team's identity is a key part of the sport. But finding off-the-shelf hockey uniforms that fit your team's style and budget can be a challenge. The solution? Custom-designed hockey uniforms. With customized uniforms, your team can stand out on the ice with your own unique look.

Big League Shirts makes it easy to create custom hockey uniforms your team will love. With their user-friendly online designer, you can customize your hockey uniforms from top to bottom. Read on to learn how Big League Shirts enables you to design the ideal custom uniforms for your hockey squad.

The Importance of Custom Hockey Uniforms

In a sport like hockey, uniforms are more than just clothes - they are a symbol of your team. When uniforms look thrown together, it can reflect poorly on your team's identity. But when your hockey squad hits the ice in customized uniforms, it makes a bold statement. 

Custom uniforms project professionalism and boost your team's confidence. With a uniform that fits your team's personality, you can increase team spirit and performance. Players feel their best-representing uniforms are tailored to their style, favorite colors, and logos.

Custom uniforms also provide an opportunity to memorialize your team's history. Add throwback design elements like vintage logos and color schemes to pay tribute to past teams. You can even customize the name bars to recognize notable players from your team's lineage.

Your custom uniforms also give players a sense of ownership

When players take part in designing the team's look, they feel more connected to the finished product. Collaborating on the style brings players together and gets them excited about the uniforms.

Big League Shirts gives you a total creative license to design hockey uniforms that capture your team's essence. Every element from the cut to the colors can be customized. Your uniforms will motivate your players and intimidate your opponents!

Why Choose Big League Shirts? 

With so many online jersey makers out there, why should you choose Big League Shirts for your custom hockey uniforms? Here are some key advantages that set them apart:

  • A wider range of customization options - logos, colors, text, numbers, and more
  • High-quality fabrics and construction made for athletic wear
  • State-of-the-art online designing platform that's user-friendly 
  • Extensive size range to fit all types of players
  • Quick turnaround time - uniforms shipped within 1 week
  • A dedicated customer service team to help with designing
  • Affordable pricing even for full team orders

No other custom uniform company can match the selection of customization options, quality of materials, and expertise offered by Big League Shirts. They have set the industry standard for creating custom athletic uniforms.

How to Design Your Custom Hockey Uniforms

Ready to design custom hockey uniforms your team will be proud to wear? Here is a step-by-step guide to using the Big League Shirts online designer:

1. Select Your Base Design

Browse Big League's selection of base uniform designs created specifically for hockey. Choose from traditional hockey jersey styles, alternate jerseys, or a casual practice jersey. Select the right uniform style, fit, and lining for your team's needs.

2. Pick Your Colors

One of the best parts about custom uniforms is selecting your team colors! The colors you choose represent your team's spirit. You can do the standard home and away colors, go for bold color blocking, or mix and match hues. Ensure your color scheme aligns with your team brand.

3. Add Logos and Text 

Make the uniforms distinctly yours by adding custom logos and text. Upload your team logo and place it prominently on the front. Add sleeve patches, name bars, or numbers. Include sponsor logos and team mantras to complete the look. 

4. Choose Your Fabric

Big League offers both sublimated and embroidered custom hockey uniforms. Sublimated uniforms have designs dyed directly into the fabric for vivid colors and no irritation. Embroidered uniforms have a classic stitched look with dimensional logos.

5. Finalize and Order

Once your design is complete, submit your order easily online. Big League Shirts makes the ordering process fast and hassle-free. Your uniforms will be expertly crafted and shipped out quickly so you can debut your new look!

Stand Out in Custom Hockey Uniforms


Having uniforms designed just for your team is a game-changer. When you hit the ice in customized uniforms from Big League Shirts, you make a bold statement about your team's cohesiveness and pride. With their online designer tool, you can easily create unique hockey uniforms your team loves.

Bring your team's vision to life with custom colors, logos, names, and more. Choose Big League Shirts for hockey uniforms that represent your brand and boost team spirit!